Circle For Life


Donate Life: Register as an Organ, Tisue and Eye Donor

The Circle For Life Mission Statement: To bring together motorcycling enthusiast of all kinds to ride as a group around the Loop, and to foster awareness, for the benefit of everyone requiring donated organs and tissue.

About Us

Motorcyclists are all too aware of the consequences of the whims or negligence of larger vehicles and inexperienced drivers. Never was it truer than the saying, "You can't take it with you." But you can pass it on.

Motorcyclists have never been asked to help, but we bet if the guys you ride with are like us, they wouldn't mind if someone else out there can walk around with their heart pumping or inhale fresh air with inherited lungs.

A booth will be available at the Circle For Life rally with forms that allow participants to register on the spot. You can also get more information by clicking the "Donate Life" button on any page of this site.